American Collectors Insurance teams up with Paul Jr. Designs for an awe-inspiring 1939 Lincoln Zephyr three-window coupe build

American Collectors Insurance teams up with Paul Jr. Designs for an awe-inspiring 1939 Lincoln Zephyr three-window coupe build

This 1939 Lincoln Zephyr three-window coupe was unveiled at the Fall Carlisle Auctions on September 30th

American Collectors Insurance

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. /PRNewswire/ — American Collectors Insurance (ACI) collaborated with Paul Teutul Jr. of Paul Jr. Designs and star of American Chopper, for a one-of-a-kind classic car build. Together, they unveiled an awe-inspiring 1939 Lincoln Zephyr three-window coupe at the Fall Carlisle Auction on September 30th — an event hosted by the prestigious Carlisle Events. This impressive build seamlessly integrates the classic elegance of the coach-built era with the innovative spirit of the present, embodying the very essence of preserving automotive heritage while inspiring the future of collector cars.

“This project is a testament to the enduring spirit of American craftsmanship and creativity,” said Paul Teutul Jr. “In partnership with American Collectors Insurance, we wanted to celebrate the rich history of classic automobiles while infusing them with elegance and innovation — delivering a memorable car build that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts alike.”

Renowned for his innovative motorcycle designs displayed on the critically acclaimed Discovery Channel series, Paul Teutul Jr. embarked on a creative collaboration with ACI to restore and personalize a unique, pre-war classic vehicle. Their shared passion for preserving and appreciating automotive history and design shines through in every detail of “The Spirit of an American Collector” build.

Paul Teutul Jr.

American Collectors Insurance

One of the standout features of this automotive work of art is the ingenious metalwork on a fender redesign, enhancing the already graceful and flowing lines of the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr. Teutul’s artistic vision brings forth an elegant twist, seamlessly incorporating design elements such as suicide doors, a streamlined speed fin, and an air ride suspension — all of which adds a unique flair while preserving the timeless elegance of the original design.

The goal of this partnership between American Collectors Insurance and Paul Teutul Jr. is to educate and grow the collector car community by increasing the appreciation for vintage automobiles among collector car enthusiasts. The unveiling of this custom automobile at the Fall Carlisle Auctions was not only a visual spectacle but a significant educational and community-building event. It captivated the attention of collectors, automotive enthusiasts, and fans of Paul Teutul Jr. alike — illustrating the unifying power of the appreciation for automotive details and artistic craftmanship.

American Collectors Insurance

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About American Collectors Insurance
For more than 47 years, American Collectors Insurance (ACI) has been the #1 rated provider of collector and classic car insurance. With a deep appreciation for collector cars, the company offers specialized coverage to protect these prized collectibles. ACI is committed to supporting and growing the collector car community while preserving automotive history. For more information, visit

About Paul Teutul Jr.
Renowned motorcycle master, Paul Teutul Jr., has been shaping metal since age 12. Best known as the mastermind behind iconic motorcycles featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show, American Chopper, Paul Jr. initially co-founded Orange County Choppers. Since then, he has embarked on his creative journey at Paul Jr. Designs, a company founded in 2010. Here, he expands his imaginative horizons, pushing the boundaries of design well beyond motorcycles, demonstrating his unyielding passion for crafting the extraordinary. For more information, visit

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