Old Cars Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Old Cars Holiday Gift Guide 2023

The Buried Plymouth

Fellow 1957 Plymouth Belvedere owner Sanford Miles has taken the drama of Tulsa’s buried ‘57 Plymouth time capsule to a new level in his 2023 book, “The Buried Plymouth: A Story Unearthed in Tulsa.” This creative work of historical fiction follows Jacob Duncan, a Tulsan enamored with the gold-and-white 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that his city buries as part of a time capsule, and a mysterious treasure that is supposedly snuck into the time capsule with the Plymouth. Will that treasure be found when the Plymouth is unearthed? And what would it be worth in 2007 and beyond?

Miles spins a riveting tale that places the reader in Tulsa during 1957, when the posthumously named “Miss Belvedere” Plymouth was placed in her concrete tomb under the lawn of the Tulsa County Courthouse, and through the life of Jacob Duncan in the context of historical events beyond Tulsarama. The book is a page-turner that pulls at many of the reader’s emotions.

To learn the answers to the mystery Miles weaves in his new hardcover, 462-page book, order “The Buried Plymouth” at www.buriedplymouth.com for $30 plus shipping.

Need parts for your classic Chevy?

Chevs of the 40s – The world’s most complete supplier of 1937-1954 Chevrolet car and truck parts. Visit our website for specials www.chevsofthe40s.com or call us at 800-952-2904. Gift certificates also available.

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If you have a Need for Speed, we’ve got a Cover like No Other!

The New SC1 ShowCase by CarCapsule USA! Add That to Your Holiday List!

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Roland ‘The Hawaiian’ Leong

Accomplished NHRA crew chief Roland “The Hawaiian” Leong is recognized for his stellar rise in drag racing during the 1960s with Lou Hart’s new book, “Roland ‘The Hawaiian’ Leong: Drag Racing’s Iconic Owner & Tuner.”

Leong started racing his family’s 1960 Oldsmobile, then moved up to a new 1962 Corvette that his mother bought for him. Inside two years, Leong was in the contiguous states, winning Top Gas Eliminator title at the NHRA Winternationals. A string of “The Hawaiian” dragsters and funny cars followed as Leong racked up more and more wins.

Following the foreword by the legendary Don Prudhomme, Hart’s book follows the racer and crew chief’s career year-by-year with plenty of period color and black-and-white images of the man and his cars. Leong’s life is told over 178 pages of the softcover book, which is priced at $36.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

Order from publisher CarTech at www.cartechbooks.com, or call 800-551-4754.

Enjoy the classics at a discount!

Carlisle Events offers its DEEPEST DISCOUNT of the season; 20% off Showfield registrations, admission tickets, and season passes – valid 11/24-1/2. Also available, gift cards! Buy for yourself or as a gift. Purchase at CarlisleEvents.com.

Kirban’s Side of the Road

Buick GN/GNX guru Dennis Kirban’s latest book is a compilation of his “Kirban’s Side of the Road” short stories that have appeared in the Grand News publication. These 60 stories are based on his personal experiences, many involving Buick Grand Nationals, but also other cars, particularly muscle cars. Inside the book is the story of the famous Hurst five-spoke wheel, tales of purchasing Grand Nationals, visiting salvage yards and car shows, such as those held at Carlisle, and more. Each story is well illustrated with black-and-white photos. The books are about 8-1/2 by 6 inches in size and are spiral-bound.

To order a copy for yourself or as a gift,contact Kirban at
denniskirban@yahoo.com for prices.

Truck Beds: How to Install, Restore, And Modify

Bringing the natural beauty of a wood truck bed — or even simulating it with aluminum — in an old or new pickup is covered in detail with S-A Design’s latest restoration how-to book from CarTech Books.

Author Kevin Tetz shows each step to refurbishing existing wood or altogether replacing wood in an old pickup truck bed with hundreds of color photos. Also covered is how to cut and drill wood for good fit, treating wood for a desired like-new or patina look and how to install bed strips. There are also chapters dedicated to installing wood beds over the metal floor of late-model pickup trucks, as well as using aluminum instead of wood for bed floor material.

Order the softcover, 96-page book for $24.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling from www.cartechbooks.com, or call 800-551-4754.

Old Cars ‘Swag’

Give Old Cars gear this holiday season with our full line of hats, shirts, bags and other accessories, plus much more to prepare die-hard hobbyists for the upcoming show season. Old Cars’ store has dozens of great items, and plenty more coming! Shirts feature past or present Old Cars logos, our famous 1954 Chevy panel truck and beloved late research editor Kenny Buttolph and other great designs. Digital back issues are also available on the site.

Go to https://store.oldcarsweekly.com to see the wide selection and order today! 

Fundamental Carburetion 

“Fundamental Carburetion: From the Gas Tank to the Combustion Chamber,” Dean G. Tryon’s new self-published book, takes the mystery out of how carburetors work in plain English. If Tryon’s name is familiar, it’s because he was among the crew of volunteers who restored Futurliner #10.

In his new softcover book, Tryon shares his knowledge as an automotive carburetor engineer by explaining how gas tank location affects carburetor design, how intake manifold design and gasoline affect carburetor calibration, why carburetors need accelerator pumps and cold enrichment, the need for vacuum and mechanical spark advance and much more. Included is the book is a troubleshooting guide. The 72-page book is heavily illustrated with images and charts to further explain the workings of carburetors.

To order a copy of the book for $35 plus shipping, go to www.fundamentalcarburetion.com.

Old Cars Gift Subscription

Stop sharing and start keeping your past issues of Old Cars by ordering a gift subscription for an old car pal or relative. Each gift subscription includes a card to let the recipient know the source of the generous giver — you! Have Old Cars delivered to a friend or relative by calling 877-300-0243, or CLICK HERE 

2024 Hudson Essex Terraplane Calendar 

Ring in 2024 with a Hudson a month with the 2024 Hudson Essex Terraplane Calendar, annually published by the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club. This year’s 12-month calendar honors Hudson enthusiasts Larry Kennedy and Sue Figert Kennedy, both longtime Hudson car and organization supporters. Inside the calendar are many interesting recent and vintage color photos. Calendar proceeds benefit several Hudson causes, from the club to its historical society and museum.

Order for $20 at www.hudsoncalendar.com or send a check or money order to Mike Cherry, 3 Silver Queen Ct., Park City, UT 84060.

Kingslim D4Pro Dashcam 

The new Kingslim D4PRO dashcam is the perfect example of how new technology and old cars can live in harmony. The Kingslim D4PRO dashcam records views front and rear of a vehicle, with the rear camera being especially helpful when backing up an old truck or car with limited rear visibility. The forward-viewing camera projects the rear view from a vehicle in real time onto a windshield-mounted screen aiding back-up maneuvers. Meanwhile, the forward-pointed camera on the windshield records everything encountered in traffic. Setup is simple and takes minimal time to complete. Other handy features include 4K+2K UHD recording, built-in WiFi and GPS, night vision at front and rear, hands-free voice control and recording of scenes that can be referenced following an emergency scene.

The Kingslim D4PRO dashcam is handily available on Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CD1LR12F

Camaro Special Editions

There were and are a dizzying number of Camaro variations from 1967 to today, and author Matt Avery makes heads and tails of the Chevrolet pony car’s derivatives in the new all-color, softcover book “Camaro Special Editions.”

The book launches with the 1967 Camaro Z/28 and blasts off into well-known Camaro sub-models such as the 1LE, COPO and ZL1 cars, plus pace cars and anniversary editions, but also covers many not-so-well-known Camaro editions. Among the perhaps lesser-known Camaro special editions are the 1984 Olympic edition, Callaway Camaro, Transformers Special Edition, Neiman Marcus Camaro, the Hot Wheels Special Edition and more. The many Camaro special edition models are thoroughly illustrated, most often with recent professionally shot color images, to help identify the cars from the outside and occasionally the inside and under the hood.

An especially helpful touch is that the book includes bonus content to take readers beyond the book’s 192 pages. Using the QR codes sprinkled throughout the book, readers can use their phone to scan the code to unlock even more information on the many Camaro special editions that have been offered in each of its six generations.

Order “Camaro Special Editions” from publisher CarTech for $36.95 plus shipping by going to www.cartechbooks.com, or call 800-551-4754.

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