Old Cars is going to Germany – Our destination hot spot no. 3: The Maybach Museum

Old Cars is going to Germany – Our destination hot spot no. 3: The Maybach Museum

Our first stop planned is at the Classic Remise Berlin where an impressive German collection of classic vehicles live. We continue our exploration of Berlin on the second stop at the German Museum of Technology and conclude Berlin area must-see destinations at the Maybach Museum.

You will not get a better chance to see these pieces of automotive art up close. 

Maybach Museum

The Maybach Museum is a labor of love and a must-see destination. A history of the museum as told by the museum itself…

Maybach vehicles are among the gems of automotive history. A total of 1,800 samples of these majestic automobiles were built in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance between 1920 and 1941, and only about 160 “Maybachs” have survived to this day. More than ten percent of this world stock is located in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. There, Anna and Dr. Helmut Hofmann have not only collected 18 of these fine pieces, but have also made them accessible to the public in their brand museum, which is unique in its existence.

The collection is the realization of Dr. Helmut Hofmann and his wife Anna’s dream. They want to share their passion and inspire others to appreciate the beauty of vintage cars. Both of them consider the exhibits to be timeless pieces of art, each bearing their own signature. The family has been collecting important feats of engineering since the 1980s.

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