Old Cars is going to Germany – Our destination hot spots no. 4 & 5: The Porsche factory and Porsche museum

Old Cars is going to Germany – Our destination hot spots no. 4 & 5: The Porsche factory and Porsche museum

Our first stop planned is at the Classic Remise Berlin where an impressive German collection of classic vehicles live. We continue our exploration of Berlin on the second stop at the German Museum of Technology and conclude Berlin area’s must-see destinations at the Maybach Museum.

The Porsche factory


We then move down the road to Stuttgart where we will take a breath and take in a guided tour of the historic city. Our next stop is all things Porsche.

We will be heading to the Porsche factory and museum for a day full of the iconic German brand.

We will take a tour of the Porsche factory and see where and how the legendary manufacturer makes their world-class automobiles.

Porsche Factory Tour

Porsche described their tour experience. 

“Let yourself be captured by the fascination of Porsche and take a look behind the scenes at the headquarters in Zuffenhausen. Accompany a sports car through the production process on a guided tour of the plant and find out what drives us and it: a perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity.”

“Take a look behind the scenes, where the heart and soul of the brand are at home: at the headquarters in Zuffenhausen. Accompany a sports car and a Taycan at selected stations on their way through production and experience the perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity. Since 2019, the main plant has been producing Porsche’s first all-electric sports car, the Taycan, in addition to the 911 models.”

A look at the Porsche manufacturing floor


We will also be visiting Porsche’s first-class museum

The Porsche Museum

Porsche Museum

We will have the opportunity to visit the Porsche Museum, where we will learn about their rich history of performance and mass appeal. Enough about the history, we secretly know it is the cars that we came to see! The Porsche Museum will not disappoint on the latter. We will see some of the finest automobiles ever created for the road and track.

Porsche Museum

Porsche on their museum

“The Porsche Museum has been showcasing the history and fascination of the brand in a modern and vibrant way since 2009. The past and future of the Porsche idea come together at the heart of the brand’s headquarters in Zuffenhausen. Read on to get an overview of the main exhibition as well as its special displays, the thinking behind the museum and the architecture of its stunning home.”

Porsche Museum

“The Porsche Museum keeps tradition alive by bringing the historical values of the company to the present day. Around 95 cars tell the story of the sports car manufacturer in exciting exhibitions, with real dynamism being brought by the regular rotation of the exhibits and the holding of special exhibitions.”

“Among the world-famous automobile icons are the Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster, Porsche 911 models of various generations, not to mention examples of the both the Porsche 550 and the 917. The whole history of Porsche production and motorsport cars is presented in chronological order.”

“At many points you will not only be given answers to your questions, but will also be interactively involved. Did you know that our history actually started with electric power, with the first car designed by Ferdinand Porsche being an electric car – long before the first sports car bearing the Porsche name was registered in 1948?”

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