Scandinavia gets a Concours – The Aurora will take place July 5-7

Scandinavia gets a Concours – The Aurora will take place July 5-7

The Aurora

Bjärehalvön peninsula, Sweden – “Scandinavia has a vast collection of hidden automotive treasures; iconic classics and modern hypercars that deserve to be exhibited in the international arena. We want to create a world-class lifestyle event that highlights the best Scandinavia has to offer, with entertainment both day and night”, says Filip Larsson of MOTIKON, one of the key initiators behind The Aurora.

Sponsored by BMW, with Koenigsegg as the Hypercar Partner and MOTIKON as the Classic Car Partner, The Aurora is set to become one of the go-to events in the automotive event calendar, merging the past, present, and future.

Yesteryear’s most coveted classic cars will meet the future classics of the modern era. Guests can look forward to the finest pre-war veteran and vintage cars, post-war classics from the booming 1950s and beyond, and the latest adrenalin-pumping super- and hypercars.

The Aurora will feature a dynamic program allowing different automotive eras to take center stage each day. Each day and night will offer a unique set of experiences, ensuring an unforgettable weekend of car culture. Two historical programs – Aurora Showfield and Aurora Concours – will co-exist with two future-focused programs – Aurora Hypercar and Aurora Talks.

The Aurora Concours

A carefully curated exhibition where international collectors will display never-before-seen Scandinavian automotive treasures and other exceptional vehicles, including Hypercars of all eras, carefully selected by the Concours Committee for their historical significance and high international collector value.

Participating vehicles will be reviewed by a specially selected jury who, on the final day of the Concours, will reward those that are best prepared and most faithful to their original manufactured condition. Entry applications are available at

The Aurora

The Aurora Hypercar Experience

An invitational event for individuals with the world’s most cutting-edge high-performance vehicles, arranged in partnership with Koenigsegg. The Aurora Hypercar Experience will combine an exhibition at The Aurora with an exclusive opportunity for exhibitors to visit Koenigsegg’s Gripen Atelier, to meet founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg, and to test their cars on Koenigsegg’s test track.

2024 also marks the 30th anniversary for the Swedish megacar manufacturer. As such, the largest collection of Koenigsegg cars ever shown to the public will be presented. More details to follow.

The Aurora

The Aurora Showfield

A classic car exhibition where private individuals and car enthusiasts are invited to exhibit their classic and rare vehicles. Spectators and owners alike can enjoy a substantial collection of adored vintage and modern classics while mingling with like-minded individuals.

The Aurora Talks

The Aurora Talks will see an invited group of speakers deep dive into topics pertaining to hypercars, innovation, future classics, and the upkeep of today’s automotive treasures.

The location: With the backdrop of the Swedish Riviera

The Aurora will take place on the Bjärehalvön peninsula in southern Sweden. Colloquially known as the Swedish Riviera, its centerpiece is the beautiful botanical gardens and manor of Norrviken in the charming old fishing village of Båstad.

Today, Båstad is renowned for its seaside restaurants and entertainment, its influx of Scandinavian socialites each summer, and as the home of the Swedish Open tennis. It’s also conveniently located, just 20 minutes from Ängelholm Airport and 90 minutes from Copenhagen, attracting an international crowd.

The Aurora

Categories for the Scandinavian Concours

The Aurora Concours Committee has selected the following competition classes:

“A Drive Down Memory Lane”
Automobiles from the pre-1920s to the 1980s
“Scandinavian Sensibilities”
Cars stemming from Scandinavia, whether through production, origin, design, heritage, or history.
“Muscle Mania”
Muscle and Pony Cars.
“Pedal to the Metal”
Cars with a Performance Pedigree.
“Mini Moons Ago”
65 Years of Mini.
“Buon Compleanno, Maserati”
110 Years of Maserati.
“Spirit of Ecstasy”
120 Years of Rolls-Royce.
“Sleeping Beauties”
Modern Classics.
“Pushing the Limits”
Hypercars of All Eras.

With the future in mind

The Aurora is not just about nostalgia. We will also look forward to what lies ahead. The electrification of classic cars, the advent of e-fuels and alternative propulsion, the latest automotive technologies, and discussions about the future of the automotive world will all be topics of interest throughout the event.

The Aurora Debuts on July 5th to 7th with tickets available now

The Aurora – The Scandinavian Concours to welcome guests from all over the world to Båstad for an unforgettable weekend of car culture.

For more information, tickets, and to apply for the Concours and Showfield:
Instagram: @theauroraconcours

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