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Ferrari Roma: Review, Price, Spec, Interior, Engine, Configurator

The Ferrari Roma was launched on 13th November 2019 in the city from which it took its name,  Rome Italy. This car followed in the success of the Ferrari Portofino and the California T that came before, both of which had folding roofs. But Ferrari launched the Roma as a fixed-roof coupe. This is an […]

How Much Does A Ferrari Cost in 2021, And What Is The Average Price?

Ferrari is known for making beautiful but expensive cars, and often people think you have to be ultra-wealthy to buy one. I’m not wealthy and I have been fortunate to have owned five Ferraris over time. But how much does a Ferrari cost to buy a Ferrari nowadays? These are the latest prices of Ferraris […]

How Much Is A Ferrari Roma, And Is It The Cheapest Ferrari?

You might be forgiven for thinking the Ferrari Roma is one of Ferrari’s most expensive models, but you would be surprised to know that it is actually one of the cheapest. Despite its modern cutting edge design and V8 Engine, the Ferrari Roma is actually one of the entry models into what is Ferrari ownership. […]

Ferrari Portofino M – Symbol of Recovery

The first new Ferrari to emerge from Maranello since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, the Ferrari Portofino M is hailed as a ‘symbol of the voyage of recovery’ for the legendary Italian marque. With a launch taking place entirely online – the first such car to be unveiled this way in Ferrari history – […]

Extremely Rare Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato at Auction

We associate Ferrari’s with the great Italian design house Pininfarina. In the early days of the Ferrari marque, however, many coachbuilders clothed Ferrari chassis, Zagato being one. Ugo Zagato, who founded the company in 1919, is an often-overlooked figure in the world of innovation in automobile design. He was perhaps the first to acknowledge and […]

The Tailor-Made Ferrari 812 Competizione: Bonkers and Unique

In the thrilling world of supercars, Ferrari is like the rockstar that never gets old. And when it comes to raw power and Italian panache, the Ferrari 812 Superfast and its edgy sibling, the 812 Competizione, are the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of the automotive realm. Let’s dive into this epic showdown! The Superfast Stunner First […]

Best Ferrari for Under $100k: Which to Buy and to Avoid?

Ferraris are expensive cars, and many people think that you need deep pockets in order to buy one. I’ve had five Ferraris over the years, all of which have cost me much less than $100k, and all at the bottom of their price bracket. Have I regretted any? Not really, but you have to be […]

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